BUILD YOUR BOX - Tempeh - Zoh Probiotics
BUILD YOUR BOX - Tempeh - Zoh Probiotics
BUILD YOUR BOX - Tempeh - Zoh Probiotics

Build Your Own Tempeh Box - Create Your Perfect Protein Feast

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Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian ferment made by boiling soybeans and then fermenting them with a starter culture, which is a colony of spore-forming mould, Rhizopus oligosporus. It's a time-tested and safe method of creating a nutritious, protein-rich food source.

Your Tempeh should typically be white when it's at its freshest and should have a nutty or earthy smell. The texture should be firm and slightly damp. Dark green or red spots of mould indicate a spoilt batch that should be discarded.

How Should I Store Tempeh, and Can it Be Frozen?

Tempeh is often considered the more natural and nutrient-dense alternative to Tofu. It's less processed and retains all the fiber from the soybeans, unlike Tofu, where the fiber is removed. The fermentation process also breaks down anti-nutrients, making it easier to digest.

Absolutely! Tempeh's hearty texture and rich, nutty flavor make it an excellent meat substitute. You can use it in stir-fries, stews, or even grill it like you would with meat. The marinating options are endless, making it a versatile addition to any meal.

Tempeh is a nutritional powerhouse, offering a complete profile of essential amino acids, making it a whole protein source. Besides protein, it's rich in vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. The fermentation process further boosts these nutrients' bioavailability. Being entirely plant-based, Tempeh is a fantastic option for vegans seeking a nutritious protein source.

The cost of Tempeh reflects the labor-intensive process and stringent quality standards involved in its production. From sourcing non-GMO organic soybeans to manufacturing the culture in-house, maintaining excellent air quality for ideal fermentation, Tempeh production requires a high skill set and maintenance at every step.

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