Delicious and nutritious Tempeh and Rajma Tacos garnished with fresh herbs and served on a plate

Tempeh and Rajma Tacos | Flavorful and Nutritious

The Tempeh and Rajma Tacos are a delicious blend of Mexican flavors with a nutritious touch of tempeh and rajma.
Finished Tempeh Jalfrezi, ready to serve

Tempeh Jalfrezi | Flavorful Indian Stir-Fry Dish

Tempeh Jalfrezi is a tantalizing Indian stir-fry, blending tempeh with traditional spices and vegetables.
Zoh Tempeh Quesadillas Served Hot with Salsa

Zoh Tempeh Quesadillas with Thai Red Curry Twist | Zoh Probiotics

 Zoh Tempeh Quesadillas bring together the flavors of Thai red curry and traditional Mexican quesadillas. A must-try recipe for those who love fusion cuisine.
Finished Tandoori Tempeh Pulav, garnished with coriander

Tandoori Tempeh Pulav | Flavorful Indian Rice Dish

The Tandoori Tempeh have been transformed and effortlessly incorporated into a vegetarian Pulao with this recipe. 
Plated Tempeh Makhani Paired with Warm Roti

Tempeh Makhani: A Vegan Delight with a Mughlai Twist

Experience the richness of Mughlai cuisine with our vegan Tempeh Makhani. Tempeh cubes cooked in creamy tomato-cashew gravy are perfect with rice or roti!
Authentic Tempeh Keema - a perfect blend of spices and plant-based protein

Authentic Tempeh Keema Recipe | Zoh Probiotics

Taste the authenticity of traditional Indian cuisine right in your kitchen with our Tempeh Keema recipe. Enjoy the rich blend of spices and high-protein tempeh in this delightful dish.
Tempeh Wada Pav Dish with Chutneys and Chai

Zoh Probiotics' Tempeh Wada Pav: A Healthy Twist to a Mumbai Favourite

Zoh Probiotics presents a protein-rich twist on the classic Mumbai street food, Wada Pav. This recipe combines traditional Indian spices with nutritious tempeh to create a tempting snack that's har...
Spicy Tempeh Sticks with Hummus Recipe

Spicy Tempeh Sticks with Hummus Recipe - Zoh Probiotics

Kick your snacks up a notch with our protein-rich Spicy Tempeh Sticks, perfectly paired with homemade Hummus. It's an easy-to-make, flavorful, and vegan recipe that everyone will love.
"Serving Hot Tempeh Tikka Masala"

Tempeh Tikka Masala: A Vegan Twist on Indian Culinary Classics | Zoh Probiotics

Tempeh Tikka Masala is a delightful culinary creation that brings together the robust flavors of Indian tikka masala with the nutritious goodness of tempeh.