Mint Kombucha by Zoh: Refreshing Mint Flavor in Mood Shot, Anti-inflammatory Probiotic Drink, India
Why Choose Mint Kombucha by Zoh? Mental Clarity, Gut Health Maintenance, Inflammation Reduction, Immune Boost, Detoxification, India
Fresh Mint Kombucha by Zoh: Top Microbial Quality Brewing, In-House Testing, Quality Organic Ingredients - Refreshing & Healthy, India
Choose Zoh Mint Kombucha India: Fresh Organic Mint, Quality Tea, Energizing Probiotic Drink, Rejuvenate Mind & Body
Zoh Mint Kombucha: Fresh Botanicals, Soothing Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Mind-Body Wellness India
Front View of Mint Zoh Kombucha: Refreshing Mint Flavor, India
Nutrition Facts of Mint Zoh Kombucha: Anti-Inflammatory Properties, India
Left Side View of Mint Zoh Kombucha: Perfect for Gut Health, India
Zoh Mint Kombucha 6-Pack: Refreshing Health, India's Cool Mint Beverage
Zoh Mint Kombucha 12-Pack: Freshness All Month, India's Mindful Health Drink
Zoh Mint Kombucha 24-Pack: Yearly Refreshment Plan, India's Cooling Sensation
Zoh Mint Kombucha Series: 9 Soothing Flavours, Mind & Body Rejuvenation, Healthy Choices India
Zoh Mint Kombucha 3-Pack: Energize Your Day, Fresh Mint, India's Energizing Probiotic Brew

Mint Kombucha Probiotic Drink by Zoh Probiotics: Refreshing Minty Goodness

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Know your Kombucha
Know Your Facts

We consume Kombucha primarily for its numerous health benefits, which come from live bacteria and yeast, the fermentation of green tea, and other natural ingredients. At Zoh, we pride ourselves on having qualified microbiologists, and state-of-the-art manufacturing abilities to ensure optimal air quality, especially important given the high pollution levels in India.

In contrast, some manufacturers might offer products that seem too good to be true, like extremely cheap Kombucha. The reality is that maintaining quality comes at a certain cost—from refrigeration to high-quality ingredients. When you see a product being sold at an unbelievable price, you should be skeptical about what compromises have been made.

In the world of Kombucha, the choice of packaging is more than aesthetic; it’s a health concern. Kombucha is a highly acidic product with a pH level of 2.4 or below when well-fermented. Materials like plastic and aluminum can leach harmful substances when they come in contact with acidic liquids. In fact, aluminum leaching has been linked with Alzheimer's and dementia. At Zoh, we only use glass bottles to ensure both the quality and safety of our Kombucha.

Why is there so much sugar in Kombucha?

In a market flooded with dubious products, knowing how to identify authentic Kombucha is vital. Here's how you can distinguish our product:

Floating Yeast Strands: These are not impurities; they're indicators of live, beneficial fermentation.

Glass Bottle: It's not just a packaging choice but a health guarantee.

Label Checks: Words like "raw," "unfiltered," and "unpasteurized" aren't marketing jargon; they're badges of authenticity.

Sugar Content: Between 3 to 6 grams per 100 milliliters. Any less, and you're not getting the probiotic benefits you paid for.

No Artificial Flavors: These could be masked as "Nature Identical Flavours" We believe in the purity of natural ingredients, ensuring that your body absorbs real nutrition and not synthetic compounds.

We've mastered the art of Kombucha brewing to an extent that even the shipping process elevates its quality. While it's common knowledge that Kombucha requires refrigeration for long-term storage, our meticulous brewing process accounts for a 4-10 day transit period. Your bottle of Kombucha will be at its peak when it reaches your doorstep.

We would strongly advise against zero-sugar Kombucha. Good bacteria require a source of sugar to feed on for survival. If the Kombucha is "zero sugar" or "keto-friendly," it's highly likely that essential microbes have been starved, leading to a product that's almost all yeast and without the expected health benefits.

There's ongoing debate and research about the ideal time to consume Kombucha. While some suggest having it on an empty stomach for better absorption, others find it effective when consumed with meals. Our recommendation? Listen to your body. Start by trying both approaches and stick to what makes you feel best.

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Triple UV Filtered Water

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Blend of Green and White Tea

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Kombucha SCOBY

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Organic Cane Sugar



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Experience the Freshness of Mint Kombucha

  1. 🍃 Mint Kombucha: Our Mint Kombucha is the cheery probiotic drink you need. Bursting with the refreshing flavor of spearmint and peppermint, it's a playful dance of taste that offers an instant getaway from the mundane!
  2. 🌍 Journey to Refreshment: Every sip of our Mint Kombucha feels like an invigorating breeze. Whether you're looking to beat the midday slump or in need of an uplifting probiotic drink, our kombucha is a godsend.
  3. 🔬 A Probiotic Delight: This isn't just your average kombucha drink. With a robust 6 billion probiotic cultures per bottle, our Mint Kombucha supports gut health, strengthens immunity, and boosts overall wellbeing.
  4. 💡 Crafted with Real Mint: Zoh's Mint Kombucha is crafted using real spearmint and peppermint. We shun synthetic flavors, embracing the authentic and invigorating flavors that Mother Nature offers.
  5. 🌿 Harnessing the Power of Fermented Foods: Packed with digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and B-vitamins, our Mint Kombucha embodies the potent benefits of fermented foods, serving as a tasty pathway to improved gut health and wellbeing.
  6. 📆 Maximum Freshness, Maximum Benefit: With a shelf life of just 90 days, our Mint Kombucha ensures you benefit from fresh, active probiotics and authentic fermentation benefits. Don't compromise freshness for long shelf-life claims.
  7. 💚 Low Sugar, High Authenticity: Enjoy the refreshing flavors of our Mint Kombucha with up to 50% less sugar than our competitors, without any artificial sweeteners or carbonation. We celebrate authenticity with our natural, vegan, and authentically fermented drinks.
  8. 🎁 The Perfect Gift for Health Enthusiasts: Our Mint Kombucha is the perfect gift for those on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Ideal for fitness lovers, yogis, and advocates of fermented foods, our kombucha is more than a drink—it's a commitment to health and wellness.