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Nutrient-Rich Homemade Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture | Zoh Probiotics

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Create Delicious, Probiotic-Filled Bulgarian Yogurt at Home


  1. 😋 Decadent Bulgarian Yogurt: Unearth the unique taste of Bulgarian yogurt, a perfect mix of nutty and buttery flavors that will teleport you back to your last European holiday. It's oh so good!

  2. 🥛 Diverse and Customizable: Our Bulgarian yogurt starter integrates perfectly with A2, cow, buffalo, goat, or nut mylks. Whether you're into low fat yogurts or full fat yogurt, our starter allows you to customize your yogurt to your liking.

  3. 💪 Power-Packed Probiotics: Enhance your gut health and immune system with our protein-rich Bulgarian yogurt starter. With our dedicated customer support, you're set for a successful yogurt-making adventure.

  4. 📋 Simple & Straightforward Instructions: Crafting homemade Bulgarian yogurt is a breeze with our easy-to-follow directions. Expect the first batch to set in 16-24 hrs, with subsequent batches setting in just 4-10 hrs.

  5. 👍 Unmatched Customer Support: Enjoy personalized assistance for a seamless yogurt-making experience. Our committed team provides exemplary support from start to finish.

  6. ♻️ Endless Heirloom Culture: Our Bulgarian yogurt starter can be used indefinitely. Save 2 tbsp from each batch for a never-ending supply of delicious, protein-rich yogurt.

  7. 🧪 Lab-Tested & Safe: Our Bulgarian yogurt starter is thoroughly lab tested for safety. Indulge in the fun of yogurt-making with our gluten-free, non-GMO product.

  8. 🌍 Authentic Bulgarian Flavors: Experience the true flavors of traditional Bulgarian yogurt. It's creamy, tangy, perfect for enjoying as is or for adding an exciting twist to your recipes.

  9. 🎯 Beginner-Friendly: Never made yogurt before? No problem. Our Bulgarian yogurt starter is easy to use, allowing novices to make nutrient-rich yogurt successfully at home.

  10. 🌱 Nutrient-Loaded: With our Bulgarian yogurt starter, enjoy the combined benefits of protein and probiotics. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our delicious homemade yogurt starter.


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Prep Milk

Add 500 ml Organic full fat milk and heat it to a lukewarm temperature of 37-42 degree Celsius. Transfer to a sterilized glass jar.

Add Starter Culture

Empty one packet of starter culture into the milk and stir well.


Cover the jar and leave to ferment at 37-42 degree Celsius for 6 hours. If not set, leave to ferment with intermittent checking every 2 hours.


Once the yogurt is set, make sure to keep aside 2 tbsp yogurt to make a fresh new batch.


Know your Ferments
Know your Facts

You can use a variety of dairy-based milks with our Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture. While the culture is formulated to ferment across milk types, the texture and flavor of your final yogurt will depend on the milk you choose:

Non-Homogenized Milk: Expect a yogurt with a "malai" or cream layer on top. It might appear grainier.

A2 Milk: Your yogurt may not be as thick and may contain more whey, but it will still offer all the probiotic benefits.

Full-fat Milk: Provides a richer, creamier texture, which most closely resembles traditional Bulgarian yogurt.

Regardless of the milk type, you will still reap the full probiotic benefits. Thus, the culture is adaptable, but the final product's characteristics can be fine-tuned based on your milk choice.

We completely understand the appeal of using readily available local "dahi" starter, especially when it's free. However, there are distinct advantages to using Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture:

Probiotic Diversity: Our Bulgarian Yogurt Starter contains a balanced mix of beneficial bacteria, including Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and more. This complex blend can offer a wider range of health benefits compared to typical local starters.

Consistency: The culture produces yogurt with a consistent taste and texture, batch after batch, something that can be hard to achieve with a local starter that may vary in its bacterial composition.

Taste & Texture: Bulgarian yogurt is known for its unique tangy taste and creamy texture, which is different from the milder flavor and variable texture of "dahi."

Can I reuse the Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture?

Our culture blend includes Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and more. These beneficial bacteria contribute to a healthy gut and can enhance your overall well-being.

While Greek yogurt is thick and tangy, Bulgarian yogurt is creamier with a higher ratio of certain beneficial bacteria. Both types offer similar probiotic profiles, but the Bulgarian variant provides a unique, rich taste experience.

Whether it's hot or cold, we've got you covered. Keep your fermenting yogurt in a warm place during cold seasons, and in a cool area when it's hot. Our culture is resilient and will adapt to your home conditions to give you the best results.

Don't worry, your first few batches are a learning experience. Our customer support is always available to guide you through any issues you may encounter. Whether it's temperature adjustments or milk quality, we're here to make sure you achieve yogurt perfection.