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Premium Water Kefir Grains: Easy-to-Use Probiotic Culture for Homemade Sparkling Fermented Drinks by Zoh Probiotics

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Boost Your Gut Health with Premium Water Kefir Grains

🌟 Premium Water Kefir Grains for Probiotic Beverages: Our Water Kefir Grains are the finest, offering an easy and enjoyable way to create refreshing probiotic beverages right at home. With 25g of live, organic water kefir grains per pack, you can now make delicious and nutritious drinks.

🌱 100% Natural and Organic Water Kefir Grains: Crafted with the best ingredients, our grains are natural, organic, and devoid of artificial additives. Enhance your gut health with every sip!

💧 Hydration with Nutrition: Brew water kefir with our grains and hydrate your body with a nutritional twist. It's more than a beverage; it's a delicious way to nourish your gut with essential probiotics.

🎨 Get Creative with Water Kefir Flavors: Experiment with different fruits and natural sweeteners to whip up various flavors of water kefir. Your taste buds will thank you for the probiotic refreshment!

📈 Rich in Probiotics from Water Kefir Grains: With Zoh's Water Kefir Grains, each drink becomes a powerhouse of probiotics, promoting digestive health and well-being.

🌾 Unlimited Probiotic Refreshment with Water Kefir: Our Water Kefir Grains are a treasure trove of gut-loving probiotics. Easily rehydrated and nurtured, they're perfect for continuous brewing. Enjoy refreshing, sparkling beverages loaded with natural goodness – one batch after another! 🥂

🔄 Reusable Water Kefir Culture: Make endless batches of water kefir with our reusable grains. Quality that lasts, nurturing your gut health!

💌 Full Support and Guidance on Water Kefir Brewing: We offer comprehensive support to guide you through your water kefir journey with our grains. We're here to ensure your brewing success!

🌍 Eco-Friendly Packaging for Water Kefir Grains: We care about the planet as much as your health. Our packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly.

🎖️ Quality Assurance on Water Kefir Grains: Trust in Zoh's commitment to quality. Our Water Kefir Grains are meticulously inspected to guarantee you the best homemade probiotic experience.

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Water Kefir in 4 Steps

Make Sugar solution

In a glass jar combine 1L filtered Water + 4 tbsp Organic Sugar + 1 tsp Sea salt

Add Kefir Grains

- Add the packet of Kefir grains into the sugar base. Mix well with a wooden/ plastic spatula.
- Cover the jar using a thick cloth and secure with a rubber band.


Leave the mixture to ferment at 20-29 degrees for 24-48 hrs.

Flavour and Fizz

- From fruit juices to herbs, add your choice of flavouring to your finished Water Kefir.

- Leave it to ferment for over 24-36 hours in a tightly closed flip flop bottle. Once done refrigerate the bottles.


Know your Ferments
Know your Facts

Water Kefir Grains and Milk Kefir Grains are both powerful sources of probiotics, but they're fermented in different mediums. While Milk Kefir Grains require dairy or nut-based milk, Water Kefir Grains thrive in a sugar-water solution. They also offer a dairy-free alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. The probiotic profile might differ slightly, but both are superb choices for boosting gut health.

We recommend using natural sugars like cane sugar for optimal fermentation, as the kefir grains feed on these sugars. Sugar substitutes like stevia or xylitol do not provide the necessary nutrients for the grains to ferment effectively. For those concerned about sugar intake, the fermentation process consumes most of the sugar, leaving you with a low-sugar, gut-friendly beverage.

Can I consume water kefir if I have a yeast sensitivity?

Although both Water Kefir and Milk Kefir are fantastic sources of probiotics, you're more likely to see fizz or bubbles in Water Kefir during the second ferment. The first ferment usually won't show any bubbles. For that effervescent quality, you'll need to conduct a successful second ferment using fruit juices in an airtight sealed bottle.

Yes, you can! Water Kefir is quite adaptable and can be fermented using various sugars like palm sugar, dates, and jaggery. However, be cautious about the sugar quality. Additives in low-quality sugars could potentially harm your Kefir grains.

Both water kefir and kombucha are fermented drinks rich in probiotics, but they have different bacterial and yeast compositions. Water kefir is generally easier to make and ferment, offering a dairy-free, quicker alternative to kombucha. Additionally, water kefir has a milder taste and is versatile in flavoring options. Both are excellent choices for gut health, so it's more a matter of personal preference!

These answers aim to provide comprehensive and credible information to potential customers, encouraging them to make an informed purchase.

Absolutely, you can make sugar-free Water Kefir by using coconut water as a base. Coconut water is naturally sweet and packed with essential nutrients, making it an excellent alternative to a sugar-water solution. It provides a unique, tropical twist to your Water Kefir, both in terms of flavor and health benefits.

You don't need separate grains to make Coconut Water Kefir. Your regular Water Kefir grains can easily adapt to the new medium. However, it's a good idea to rotate between coconut water and a regular sugar-water solution to ensure that your grains get a balanced diet and remain healthy in the long run.

Keep in mind that coconut water contains natural sugars that will be consumed during the fermentation process, thereby making your final product lower in sugar. You'll know your Coconut Water Kefir is ready when it has a slightly tangy taste, distinct from the initial sweetness of the coconut water. It's a great way to enjoy all the probiotic benefits of Water Kefir while also reaping the additional health advantages of coconut water.

So, if you're looking for a sugar-free alternative or just want to experiment with flavors, Coconut Water Kefir is a fantastic option that doesn't require a separate set of Kefir grains.